WELL Lighting

WELL Lighting

Light is the most important external cue for keeping the body’s internal clock synchronized. The body requires both periods of brightness and darkness at appropriate points throughout the day to maintain their wellbeing. An employee spends typically 8 to 10 hours in one building. Organizations must consider in this time how they can enhance productivity and provide appropriate visual acuity where needed.

At Arraystorm, we strive to follow the WELL Building standard that outline clear objectives that need to be met for a workplace to be conducive and healthy. Everyone’s body is attuned to the natural sunrise and sunset cycle of the day. This rhythm of our body is called the Circadian Rhythm. As the day progresses, the natural light emitted by the sun changes in color, angle and intensity. ETHOS adapts to the natural daylight according to the Circadian Rhythm.

Our intelligent lighting systems are designed to increase alertness, enhance experience and regulate sleep cycles in the recipients. They offer features of glare control, colour quality adjustments, control of lighting levels based on activity level and more.

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