1. We are a team of great people.

We hire great people, and expect a lot from them. In return, we guarantee an environment where people can flourish and grow. Where ideas are the only currency.

We treat people with fairness and respect. However, we exist to serve and delight a larger set of customers, and, this is non-negotiable.

We value diversity in people and ideas, and debate, discuss and challenge each other’s ideas openly. We are a quantitative, research-led company that uses data to make decisions.

2. Technology innovation is our lifeblood.

We will shape the world’s best technology into a range of path-breaking products. However large the problem, we will build a solution using technology and creativity.

3. We are a fun place to work.

We work in an energetic and open environment, where people will know, relate to, and enjoy each other. We will
share in each other’s successes, and celebrate every individual accomplishment as a group.

4. We are good people.

We will always honor our commitments. Wherever possible, we will over-deliver.

We are open in our communication with each other, and we expect our trust in you to be honored with great discretion, and utter confidentiality.

We will practice business with honesty and integrity, and profit from doing the right thing always.

5. We are restless.

We do not appreciate, understand, or encourage complacency. We started out as an underdog, and will always retain some element of that personality.

We will stay nimble and resourceful even as we grow. We will grow in every aspect we can, except in arrogance.

6. We are great believers in respect.

We respect our customers, and demonstrate that by continuously improving our products and services. We believe in the long-term, and in engaging with customers for life. Our commitment to maintenance and post-sales support will always be equal to that of a fresh sale.

We also care about and support the communities where we work and live, and work towards local community involvement.

7. Together, we will make the world a better place.

We aim high, and think big. The future is our only challenge, and we look forward to meeting it head-on. Our understanding of people, and expertise with technology will help us break down the barriers between the current, and the impossible.