LEDs – The latest in technology?



Not all LEDs are created equal. Different brands have different performance levels in everything from safety to efficiency to light output. Here’s why you should choose Arraystorm LED products.


LEDs are designed to give more lumen per watt than CFLs or halogens. Our products contain the latest LED technology, giving them an output of over 100 lumen per watt. At ArrayStorm, we do not base lumen measurements on the test results of LED source suppliers. Instead, we use independent, third-party testing labs to measure and validate the output of our lighting fixtures, according to test conditions spelled out in the LM-79 standard as per IES.

High CRI

Colour Rendering Index or CRI measures light quality based on how well it makes the colours appear. While most LEDs have a CRI of 80, ArrayStorm lights have a CRI of up to 95. This lets you see all colours, furnishings and people in the best possible light.


ArrayStorm LED lights are right at the top of the industry efficacy charts. This means they offer more lumens per watt than any other LED light. Given the money you’ll save on power, these lights practically pay for themselves. Our LEDs save over 50% energy while reducing the amount of heat generated. This results in reduced air conditioner load.


LEDs are extremely sensitive to heat. Even the smallest change in product temperature can alter a light’s lifespan from 3 to 15 years. ArrayStorm LEDs have been specially designed for the Indian climate. Our unique thermal system ensures efficient heat management even during peak tim


Our lights are not only incredibly efficient, but also environment friendly. All our lights are free from lead, mercury and any other environmentally harmful substances.


The term Solid State Lighting is the catalyst behind the durability of LED lighting. Without filaments that can break or burn out, LED lights are able to withstand electrical fluctuations, shocks, vibrations and day-to-day wear and tear. They are also able to operate in extreme environments from -40°C to 185°C.


Unlike CFLS and other LEDs, ArrayStorm lights do not emit UV rays and are free from lead and mercury. This makes them safe to use and safe to recycle. With an average operating temperature of 60C, our lights drastically reduce the risk of fire, and are among the coolest LEDs in the market.


Our drivers offer dimming that is lower and smoother than any other driver. With the press of a switch, they turn on instantly. Our LEDs are solid-state, meaning that they’re always on. With zero flickering, you can say goodbye to eyestrain and headaches.