ETHOS - W-loT Sensors


Sensors for fetching daylight, occupancy and other environmental data.

Intelligent Sensors

ETHOS W-IoT Sensors are designed to sense and control the output based on occupancy, daylight, or other factors. They can integrate with existing software to deliver additional features, like space management along with Adappt's space management software; HVAC controls through BacNet integration with BMS; and asset management by employing beacons.

Key Features

  •   Sensors with Occupancy/Daylight/Temperature/Power/Humidity & CO2
  •   Futuristic sensors with 100% accuracy
  •   Highly customizable without any limits
  •   Dense data & extensive analytics
  •   One sensor for 10 lights, for advance data stream
  •   IoT Sensors are available in wired & wireless - ideal for both retrofit & new construction
  •   Unique design for seamless look
  •   Extends to HVAC & Asset controls


Key Features

  •   Easy to install & service
  •   Apt for installation in true ceiling applications
  •   Wireless connections for seamless look
  •   Robust Design

Sensors - In detail

  • ETHOS Occupancy Sensor Recess/ Surface Mounting.
  • ETHOS Smart IoT Occupancy Sensor Recess/ Surface Mounting.
  • ETHOS Smart IoT Occupancy Sensor Recess/ Surface Mounting Smart Occupancy + Temperature + Humidity.
  • ETHOS Daylight Sensor Recess Mounting Stand Alone.
  • ETHOS Smart IoT Daylight Sensor Recess Mounting Temperature + Humidity.
  • ETHOS Light Integrated Sensor.

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