Arraystorm is committed to maximizing energy saving and promoting automation. In line with this Arraystorm haslaunched its own dimming and automation control system known as “ ADAPPT” (Arraystorm dimming application technology).The USP of this solution is that, it could convert any existing non dimmable driver to a dimmable driver. The next big feature of this product is the use of an internationally accepted protocol for communication known as DALI.



Wide Operating range of 1W to 500W.
Compatible with any LED Light fixture and Driver.
Every Slave compatible with PIR and Daylight Sensor.
Works independently and with DALI.
Very Low power consumption on Ideal mode and off state.
Compatible with any DALI Master.
Up to 64 Dali Dimmable lights can be connected in one network.


Arraystorm dimmer module is connected between any existing LED driver (non dimmable) and LED Fixture. DALI master is connected to DALI slave through DALI cable. The Arraystorm Dimmer is compatible with any DALI master.
The dimmer uses a unique PWM method for dimming the LEDs in the fixture. The method used displays many advantages over the existing dimming methods; few are as mentioned below No problem of colour change like the way we see in CCR method.
Increases life of LEDs as we are driving the LEDs with rated Constant current but just decreasing average current flowing through the LEDs.
No flickering of LED at any stage of dimming. Appropriate protection built in the circuit to ensure that in case of any unexpected dimming problem, only the dimming switches off but the LED light continues to work normally, hence not disturbing the work on the floor.


A daisy chain architecture is used in Arraystorm dimmers which reduces the required wiring to a large extent.