We are driven by one core belief that a bunch of ordinary people can solve the most extra-ordinary challenges. As a team, fuelled with sincerity, compassion and aspirations ,we want to re-define Customer Delight. We believe that the measure of our products, would be to best suit needs of people and the places they visit. The idea is to inculcate applications of light that are executed, in anticipation of our consumer’s needs. Every single day, we will present customers with impeccable, insight-driven experiences, guided by innovation led expertise. ArrayStorm aspires to be the thought leader, and will always be LED to lead in this field. Innovation and Application is what makes ArrayStorm larger than just another product company. We articulate our passion with our designs, quality, and by delivering industry’s most impeccable customer experience . Our belief is to change the way people perceive light and its application. To conquer the grey. To create novel and inspiring ideas. And, to win against the odds.