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Our Story

RR Global

RR Global is a USD 850 Million conglomerate in the electrical sector with a presence in over 85 countries globally. RR Global has always endeavored to create products of the higher quality using the latest in innovative technology. Spread across multiple business verticals including Wires & Cables, Switches, Fans, Switchgears, Busducts, Automated Multilevel Car Parking systems and now Lighting through our newest acquisition – Arraystorm.


Arraystorm, the latest venture of Kores India, focuses on the LED lighting business. We create energy-efficient lighting products at our state-of-the-art factory in Bengaluru. Our aim is to deliver custom designed, high quality and high value lighting solutions to people and places worldwide. Our products are insight-driven and specially designed to suit each and every customer. We believe that our strong focus on technology and innovation will make the world a brighter place. To us the future is a challenge, the kind that we are ready to meet head-on, and we progress on a daily basis to become India’s most innovative LED lighting application brand.

The Origin

When it comes to innovation, any challenge is overcome only by the vision, passion and determination of individuals, and Arraystorm is no exception to this rule. Founded in November 2012 by Pradyoth Raj Varma and Apoorva ruparel, Arraystorm was created with the intention of being India’s foremost LED lighting brand. In a short span of time, Arraystorm has broken grounds in India and across the world in delivering energy-efficient, cost-effective, next-generation lighting solutions.

The Evolution

In 2013, Arraystorm started their operations in Bengaluru and by 2017, became South India’s most preferred lighting brand. A major milestone for Arryastorm was in 2014, when Kores – one of the most successful corporations – became our strategic investor. With an equal focus on operations and innovation, we established a state-of-the-art factory, an IoT R&D lab and Product Design team in the same year. In the next 2 years, we grew both financially and technologically by incorporating Intelligent Workspace solutions from Adappt. 2017 became a year to witness as we not only received ISO 9001-2015 certification, but we also launched ETHOS – India’s first wireless lighting management solution.

Recognizing these advancements, World Consulting & Research Corporation named us the Brand of the Year – Emerging No. 1 and further accolades were only to follow.

The Way Forward

At Arraystorm, our motto has always been to “Sense the Future”. Our efforts have always been towards creating not just lighting products, but lighting platforms that are intelligent, predictive and optimize the way we utilize light in any space. In the coming years, we want to redefine the way people think lights – not merely a means to an end, rather an entity that is intrinsically connected to our functioning and wellbeing. Our goal is to provide lighting solutions that make a difference to the lives of our customers through innovation, cutting-edge technology and affordability. With every individual’s zeal, commitment and research, we believe that we have the potential to leave a mark on the global scale and become the most trusted and favoured LED brand.


Our Vision

Reinvent LED lighting and deliver the best illumination experience to our customers.

Our Mission

Build world-class, intelligent LED lighting products to deliver comfortable and elevated experience in any space: delight the customer in every engagement.

Our Belief

We are driven by one core belief – that a bunch of ordinary people can solve the most extraordinary challenges. As a team, fuelled with sincerity, compassion and aspirations, we want to redefine the idea of customer delight. The idea is to inculcate applications of light that are executed in anticipation of our consumer’s needs. Every single day, we will present customers with impeccable, insight-driven experiences, guided by innovation led expertise. Arraystorm aspires to be the thought leader, with innovation and application at its heart's center. We articulate our passion with our designs, quality and by delivering industry’s most impeccable customer experience. Our belief is to change the way people perceive light and conquer the grey.

Our Commandments

  • We aim high and think big
  • We are a great team of restless people
  • Technology innovation is our lifeblood and our only challenge is the future.
  • We work in an energetic and open environment
  • We are good communicators and facilitators
  • We practice our business with honesty and integrity
  • We are great believers of respect
  • We believe in engaging with customers for life.
  • We believe in empowering and supporting our communities
  • Together, we will make the world a better place

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.

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