W-loT / Intelligent Lighting

W-loT Lighting

The Wireless Internet of Things (W-IoT) is Ethos' platform of wireless applications which are engineered to take connectivity to the next level. All devices on Ethos platform communicate with each other wirelessly. W-IoT is a powerful technology that can enhance our daily lives in many ways while also helping us conserve energy in our homes, offices and smart cities.

With W-IoT, you can look forward to centralised control that optimizes lighting for every occupant of a workspace –whether one or ten thousand. Luminaires can automatically turn on or off. They can dim at set times and under set conditions. But it isn't just programmed lighting, as individuals can still have complete control over their own lighting levels. And as the solution works, it gets even smarter by gathering a range of data that helps adjusting requirements to actual usage.

W-IoT cleverly combines smart sensors with cutting-edge AI and futuristic design to create an innovative solution to a workspace's lighting needs. So no more projections when planning for your next workspace – you can have all you need.

Intelligent Lighting

Arraystorm's lighting systems can precisely manage the lighting in every space with a combination of control plans, to deliver your optimum level of lighting for performing tasks effectively. By integrating luminaires with sophisticated controls and comprehensive management systems, you can streamline business activities while saving energy and ensuring employee satisfaction.

With deeper insight into your activities and preferences, we can tailor lighting to create welcoming and memorable experiences while achieving the energy efficiency and sustainability goals that are the cornerstone of your brand. Through effectively lit and attractive environments, Arraystorm lighting helps enhance your company’s image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.

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