ArrayStorm, the latest venture of Kores India, focuses on the LED lighting business. We create energy-efficient lighting products at our state-of-the-art plant in Bengaluru. Our aim is to deliver custom designed, high quality and high value products to people and places worldwide. This is achieved with the help of Arraystorm Product Application Center (APAC), also located in Bengaluru. Our mission is to conquer the grey, and completely change the public perception of light.

Incorporated in 1936, Kores India remains one of India’s most trusted and respected brands. Following in Kores’s footsteps, we at ArrayStorm maintain the highest level of integrity in all our work. Our products are insight-driven and specially designed to suit each and every customer. We believe our strong focus on technology innovation will make the world a brighter place. To us the future is a challenge, one that we are ready to meet head-on. It is our firm belief that we will be India’s most innovative LED lighting application brand by 2017.

We have taken an oath to create state of the art energy efficient lighting products that best suit people, places, and the planet at large. We take pride in delivering the highest value to our customers and employees.

We will be India’s most innovative LED Lighting application brand by 2017.